Thursday, May 22, 2008

Multi-media is working for us

The strike has enjoyed tremendous coverage on Radio and TV today. Pre-recorded interviews with Minster FM and BBC Radio York have been running throughout the day on the stations' news bulletins.

Both Calendar - ITV's news proggrame for Yorkshire - and the BBC's Look North visited the picket line today to capture footage of the strikers and record interview with chapel members. We were featured on both programmes' lunchtime news slots. Management declined to speak to either station so it was left to us to put across our view. So much the better.

We're thrilled with the coverage, es
pecially given The Press's management's decision to virtually ignore the fact that about 25 of their staff are camped outside their office protesting at their deplorable pay. According to the weasel words on The Press's website, it is "business as usual". You could have fooled us, guys...