Thursday, May 22, 2008

£3k to fight for fair pay

Our strike fund goes from strength to strength. On the eve of the strike the total broke through the £2,000 mark. Now - after only one day's action - we are headed towards £3,000. Some of the superb donations we received today included:
  • £300 from the Oxford branch
  • £100 from the South Yorkshire NUJ Branch and Rotherham Advertiser
  • £50 from a much-missed former colleague
  • £50 from the Mother of Chapel at Coventry Newspapers
  • £75 from our NUJ organiser
  • £50 from the Doncaster Free Press Chapel
We also had a pledge of a donation from Bradford Telegraph & Argus NUJ Chapel and members of the public threw about £50 into our collection bucket.

That takes us to a grand total of £2,725 - simply unbelievable. Please everyone, keep the donations coming. Thank you to all who have shown such wonderful solidarity.