Monday, May 19, 2008

Showing solidarity

More messages of solidarity have been pouring into the chapel by email to Please keep them coming - we really appreciate them and they're a big morale boost for members who are due to walkout on Thursday.

"I wish you all the very best of luck with your action - as do all NUJ members in Coventry and Birmingham who on Tuesday voted to send a contribution to your fighting fund. Our experience in Coventry is that it isn't easy to go on strike but it has certainly been worth it in the longer term. Please advise your members to be strong. They are fighting not just for themselves but the whole industry."

"Solidarity greetings from Rotherham Advertiser Chapel. Branch agreed £100 and chapels will be asked to do collections. Keep up the fight!"

"My wife used to work for Newsquest and she despised them, so good luck. I have the misfortune of working for Trinity Mirror - but they became much more compliant following our month-long strike in 2005. We have certainly benefited during the following years."

"I'm writing to you on behalf of the 50-strong NUJ Chapel in Bolton and Bury to extend our full support for your action. In 2003, this chapel went on strike for several weeks during an angry pay dispute. And the editor-in-chief then, and up until last year, was, of course, Steve Hughes. All the journalists here back your stance for a greater pay increase and all eyes of NUJ members throughout Newsquest will focus on York next week. We applaud your stance, commitment and bravery in taking on a company notorious for its low pay and its constant climate of cuts and savings. Everyone here is keeping their fingers crossed the York chapel will prevail in its struggle. We will be thinking about you when the industrial action begins."

"Hello and good luck with your dispute members."

Digging deep

More wonderful news on the strike fund. Our colleagues at the Leeds NUJ Branch have donated £250, while fellow journalists in the 50-strong Bolton News-Bury Times chapel - papers both owned by Newsquest - have pledged £300. It makes a huge difference knowing we are not standing alone and that we have the support of fellow journalists and trade unionists.

These generous donations take our strike fund to £1,750 - a tremendous figure reached within five days of our action being called. Many thanks to all.