Thursday, May 22, 2008

General Secretary fully behind fight

We are very fortunate to have the full weight of the NUJ behind us in our dispute; the support from officials has been outstanding. It is reassuring to know we have 30,000-odd fellow union journalists backing us to the hilt. Today, Jeremy Dear, NUJ General Secretary
I am sorry I haven't been able to get to York today for the first day of the strike - I have texted a message of support to you. Just to reinforce that message - you have the support of the whole union in your struggle for fairer wages. It is absurd for the company to argue they cannot afford to meet your claim - they are one of the world's most profitable media companies. The reality is they choose not to meet the claim - they would rather reward shareholders than journalists. Your action is part of a wider campaign to put investment in journalists and journalism back at the heart of our industry. Your action is a vital part of that fight. That's why we're all backing you, why we all wish you success. Your victory is our victory. In solidarity.
Then, we received this message from Pete Murray, the union's vice-president and the deputy FoC at Glasgow Broadcasting Chapel:
I just wanted to wish everyone in the chapel all the very best wishes for your action. A decision to take such sustained industrial action shows determination and unity which is an inspiration to all NUJ members. I'm out of the UK at the moment, so I won't be able to visit your picket lines but please pass on my apologies to the members - and my good wishes for a speedy victory in your campaign.