Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Support goes global

News of our strike has spread far and wide. We've been inundated with messages of support from as far afield as New York, where a former Press reporter is now based, and posties in Bristol. These have been a great boost for our morale, so please keep them coming. Email

Here's a selection of the latest messages:

"Just wishing you good luck for the strike - we're heading in the same direction with Johnston Press as they aren't budging from a 3% pay increase either! I'm part of the South Yorkshire NUJ chapel who are fighting for the same thing - respect for what we do. It's totally unfair and ridiculous how they are treating journalists - even working in a mind-numbing factory to get paid more and work less sounds more appealing at the moment!"

"We at Bristol North Delivery Office have heard of your struggle for fair pay and conditions, and are greatly encouraged by your determination to fight. Last year we took strike action against a bullying management set on wrecking our jobs, and we have emerged successful from our own dispute. We were always grateful for the support we received, and now offer our support to you in your struggle. We are sure you will be successful, a victory for you would strengthen the trade union movement. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need our support, be it solidarity, financial or how you see fit. Please keep us informed as to any developments. Yours in solidarity. Unit Rep and the Bristol NDO CWU Committee."

"Message of solidarity from London. It is time that more journalists and especially NUJ members took strike action against worsening conditions and pay as employers try to squeeze the last little profit out of us."

"Good luck. Having been at the Press when the Union was formed six or so years ago, I wish you all the best. Going to be a hard struggle but you are right to stand together."

"Good luck guys! I'll be sending you good thoughts from New York. As a former Press reporter, I know what an amazing job all of you do. You put in 100% and more, and it is ridiculous how little Newsquest value their staff and quality journalism. I was proud to be part of the forming of an NUJ chapel in York and even prouder to see you all stand up for what you believe. Go for it!"