Friday, May 23, 2008

Conservative candidate backs strike

Another political big-hitter pledged her support to our campaign today. Susan Wade Weeks, the Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman for York Central, has given us her full backing. She promised to phone Newsquest York managing director Steve Hughes and ask him how it is fair that journalists at The Press and the Gazette & Herald can be handed below-inflation pay rises that are worse than those elsewhere in the company. She gave us this message:
"I give you my wholehearted support in this strike action. The issue of fair pay goes to the heart of any decent society. Life in this country is becoming impossibly expensive. A difference of £1,700 a year in two journalists pay packets amounts to a whole year's council tax . It is simply and obviously unfair that even within the region rates of pay vary dramatically, when the cost of living doesn't. You have my support."
The chapel would like to extend its thanks to Susan for her efforts.