Sunday, May 25, 2008

Backing us to the hilt

Cause is just
Dear Colleagues, I am unable to visit your picketline as I am recovering from an operation. But as a former NUJ Northern Organiser I know how difficult it must be to live in York on what Newsquest pays you. Your cause is just: your action is sound: your aims are entirely fair. Willing you to success.
John Toner NUJ, Freelance Organiser

Inspiration to all activists
To all the members of the York Press NUJ chapel, I just wanted to email to say what a wonderful job you are all doing and to keep up the good work. I've been keeping in touch with your efforts online and it is great to see everyone coming together to support what you believe in. The treatment of staff by Newsquest York is ridiculous in this day and age, and sadly not an isolated case. Your strike will be an inspiration for activists across the UK as it has been to me. Since I moved to New York six months ago, I have been intending to get an NUJ network up and running in the city. I kept saying I was too busy but now I realise you can always find the time. After all, united we're stronger. I hope your final day is a success and that you will get the results you truly deserve. If nothing else, you will have scored a strong moral victory and given the people of York food for thought. The bosses at The Press love to stress what a campaigning local paper it is - how can they expect journalist to expose the wrongdoings of other companies if it can't look after its own?! All the best guys!
Alex Lloyd

Recalling past pickets
Dear Fozzy and the Fozettes and all, I was pleased this morning to be able to share your picket line, albeit for only ten minutes, as my wife and I arrived on a visit to York. It took me back to picket lines on several occasions in Sheffield where I worked on the old Sheffield Telegraph and later The Star for 45 years. It makes me sad that journalists are still being forced by intransigent and short-sighted managements to strike to achieve fair rewards. I wish you success and hope the Fozettes will soon be playing a celebratory tune.
Stuart Machin, NUJ life member, now retired.

Student journalist's support
Hello all, This is a message of support from a Nouse student journalist. Good luck with your protest, I blogged about you on my Tumblr. Good news on the Minster scoop and don't let them grind you down! Best,
Jennifer O'Mahony

Fighting for quality journalism
It is heartening to hear that you are taking action in defence of the a standard of journalism which is becoming a truly "endangered species" in the face of the kind of dumbed down rubbish which fills the newsstands. All power to you and it is my dear wish that you succeed.
Daniel Russell

Friends in Scotland
Solidarity from Scotland.
From the Campsie branch Scottish Socialist Party

Willing you to win
Great to hear you had a good first day. You obviously know by now that you have our unflinching support and solidarity. It's an absolute scandal that companies like Newsquest talk about local bargaining, while implementing national policies to cut back on resources, pay, and workers' terms and conditions. Keep up the fight. The whole union is behind you.
Richard Simcox NUJ London Press & PR Branch
Magazines chapel greetings
Good for you! All the best
Charlotte, Emap Public Sector Deputy MoC

London lecturers offer backing
The branch sec of UCL UCU joins me in expressing solidarity with your strike.
Maggie Gray, post-graduate assistant UCL History of Art Department, UCLU Postgraduate faculty rep for Social & Historical Sciences

Fraternal greetings
Fraternal greetings etc. from London - best of luck with the pay claim.
Gary Dunion, Chief Press Officer, Green Party, and Asst Branch Sec, Press & PR Branch, NUJ

University union's best wishes
Good luck with the strike.
Andrew Collingwood, York University UCU Executive Member

Dark days before recognition
Good luck with the strike guys - I hope they sit up and take notice. As a former Press worker in the dark pre-union recognition days, I will be thinking of you all. Keep fighting.
Catherine Bruce